The Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars, a chapter of Scholarship America's Dollars for Scholars, is always looking for supporters to mentor scholarship recipients. Each scholarship recipient is assigned a  Dollars for Scholars mentor. Mentors and students form connections that have an amazing impact on academic success.

Why We Mentor

What do we do? We listen, validate, encourage, and support scholarship recipients.

We communicate over coffee, by e-mail, or by phone. We visit museums, go to the theater, and eat together.

What is the satisfaction of being a mentor? We have the privilege of sharing part of the college student's life. We know that having "someone believe in you" is a key to success and a powerful gift to give to a young person.

A mentor's reward is to see a mentee graduate college and take a job that will contribute to a better world. Mentors participate in a student's journey toward the high goal of college graduation.


Frances Goldstein

and mentee on Olvera Street


If you wish to volunteer, contact