Our Mission

The Drew Silvern Scholarship's Mission is to help children of migrant workers from the Los Angeles area who have had to overcome the obstacles of immigration, poverty, learning a second language and are motivated to get an education so that they can help their families and be contributing members to their communities.

Our scholarship helps these students defray the ever rising cost of tuition, text books, dormitory/living expenses and also encourages them to complete their education. These are children who have overcome educational challenges and are motivated and qualified to get a college education. Our program is unique in that it also includes the support of mentors to offer encouragement and counsel if needed.

Our Recipients

Our students come from many schools located in Los Angeles County, California. They are identified as eligible to participate by the Los Angeles Unified School District Migrant Education Program. 

How We Did It

 A group of friends, family and gathered to join as board members in 2005 and planned the first picnic to raise money for the first four students who had applied for scholarships.

In those 15 years, with your help, the picnic has grown into a Fiesta held close to Drew's birthday. There is always  music, Mexican food and a treasure table. All services, supplies, printing and mailing expenses are donated by a generous and hard-working board.


The Board at Work

Every year members of the Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars Board meet in February to read student applications for the next year's scholarships.

We divide into two groups One group reviews the applications of returning students who we have followed since their Freshman year in college. The other group reads and shares information about the new high school applicants. These students' essays describe the struggles of their families, the academic and personal challenges they face, and their responsibilities at home. All of them stress how important a college education will be to them.   They have worked hard to earn the grades to get into UC and Cal State universities to study psychology, aero engineering, architecture, veterinarian medicine, to mention a few fields of interest.  In most cases they are the first in their families to go to college. Their hope is to help their families and their communities.

Here are some of their own words:

"My parents want a better future for me so that I won't be working 13 hour shifts as they do. College is a key to my future.  I can broaden my understanding of science, biology and even humanity."

"Growing up with immigrant parents in a low-income family made it harder to think of a college education. I didn't have a wide range of educational opportunities, but I always tried to make the best out of opportunities I had."

 "Volunteering to help other students in the Migrant Program whose parents are farm workers like mine has become very meaningful to me. I am the daughter of Mexican immigrants who came to this country to pursue the American dream. I am proud and prepared to do it."

Hearing these young people express their desires to help their families and contribute to their communities inspires us to work to make the students' dreams of higher education a reality.

Our goal is to increase our funding each year so that all of the young people who count on us for assistance, will be helped in reaching their goal. We need your help more than ever.