We are no longer accepting donations - thank you. 


December 28, 2023


Dear Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars supporters,


On behalf of our late founder and president, Lila Silvern, we would like to thank you for 18 years of support to the Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars Migrant Education Fund.  During the scholarship's tenure we raised $342,366.  A total of 517 scholarships have been awarded and an immeasurable amount of goodwill carries on in the lives of the recipients and people involved.  Your giving has made a positive impact in our world.

In the river of life there are ebbs and flows, and it is with bittersweet regret that the Board of Directors decided that the Drew Silvern Dollars for Scholars scholarship program will end June 2025. The Board will stop requesting and accepting donations, effective immediately.  We have funding to see our current students through two more years of scholarships, which should help them reach their anticipated graduation. 

At the culmination of the next two years the scholarship foundation will formally close.  The year 2025 will mark a total of 20 years of service to helping LAUSD migrant youth on their journeys in higher education.  With your help, Lila and Drew Silvern have improved the lives of this deserving student population and we hope you keep their memory alive by continuing to support worthy causes.

May you treasure the fond memories made during your attendance at Lila's home during the annual fiesta fundraiser, the awards ceremonies, or from mentoring relationships.  Rest assured that your participation and giving added to the heartwarming enrichment that this scholarship fund provided.


Gratefully yours,


Marina Sandoval, MBA

Executive Director


















































We are no longer accepting donations - thank you.