The past few months have tested the flexibility and strength of students, mentors and our dedicated board volunteers.  In the past we were able to thank our supporters at a lovely fiesta where delicious food was served, and scholarship recipients were introduced.  A few weeks later we handed checks to the students at a family event.  Smiling photos were taken and refreshments served.  The pandemic caused many changes for students, especially those attending schools in other cities and adjusting to life away from home.

It has taken almost a summer to make sure that mailed checks were received and mentors were able to contact their mentees.  We hope to plan more Zoom board/student meetings for the coming year.

We awarded scholarships to ten new students and eleven continuing recipients, leaving us a small bank balance.  Applications will soon be submitted by high school seniors for the 2021-2022 school year. The amount of contributions we receive in the next months will determine the number of new students we can accept and the amount they will receive.  Again, I want to stress that almost all of our contributions are given to students. Our administrative fees to Scholarship America are minimal. The work of making this happen is performed by a dedicated team of volunteers.

The rewards we get are the letters of appreciation not just for the money received, but also the motivation to succeed because we believe in them and their potential to be contributors to their families and communities. Their motivation and efforts to get a college education continue to inspire us. 

My own personal reward has been getting to know many of the students and seeing how Drew's memory is honored by the generosity of our contributors.

We are offering the opportunity to use your credit card for a donation.  You will see the Donations button below. Any contribution will help.

If you prefer sending us a check, please mail to:

Lila Silvern
4414 Mary Ellen Ave.­
Sherman Oaks, California 91423